Parents Protest Childhood bikini in Beauty Contest

One more child beauty pageant protests from parents. After the reality show ‘Toddlers and Tiaras’, is now protesting beauty pageants are held in the UK.

In a contest called Miss Mini Princess UK, participants are required to perform on stage wearing high heels and a bikini. One of the beauty pageant contestant is Lexci.

As quoted by the Daily Mail, the new Lexci first beauty pageant. He was only three years old. To enter the contest, she mendadaninya with eyeshadow and mascara. Her lips looked tiny decorated pink lipstick. Rambunya also laid out a little bumpy.

In the beauty contest Miss Mini Princess UK, will compete in the category Lexci Little Princess. In the category of children who participated aged two and three years. There are two other categories, Baby Princess for children ages 12 months and Tiny Princess for children aged one year.
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9 Rules When Should Arguing in Front of Children (Part. 2)

Sometimes there are moments where the inevitable, the child should see or hear her parents arguing. The quarrel could not make your child scared. Witnessed a fight that even children can be material for her lessons on a difference of opinion.

How it should be when the child accidentally and ‘forced’ to see their parents fight? Previous Wolipop has outlined four points from nine rules during a fight in front of children. Five subsequent rule quoted from Woman’s Day, you can see below:

5. Make sure your child hear the resolution of conflicts
Actually good for kids to hear different opinions, for example, the TV broadcast to watch or which restaurants to visit. This is an opportunity to show how you want the child trying to get a deal together, not to win.

“They can learn to negotiate with your attention,” says Tina B. Tessina, PhD, psychotherapist and author of “Money, Sex and Kids: Stop Fighting about the Three Things That Can Ruin Your Marriage.”

They will also learn how to solve problems, to listen to different opinions, taking into account the wishes and needs of others as well as a discussion until a solution was found. Through conflict and conflict resolution, you teach them how to manage their own lives with classmates while at school, at home and even your coworkers later. Continue reading “9 Rules When Should Arguing in Front of Children (Part. 2)”

9 Rules When Should Arguing in Front of Children (Part. 1)

Sometimes there are moments where the inevitable, the child should see or hear her parents arguing. The quarrel could not make your child scared. Witnessed a fight that even children can be material for her lessons on a difference of opinion.

How it should be when the child accidentally and ‘forced’ to see their parents fight? The first part of the nine rules were summarized from Woman’s Day following topics will explain what can and can not be heard by the child while you both fight:

1. Arguing fair
This means no taunting, no yelling, and non-threatening. “Focus only with what is being debated,” said Tina B. Tessina, PhD, psychotherapist and author of “Money, Sex and Kids: Stop Fighting about the Three Things That Can Ruin Your Marriage.” “Arguing without control of a bad example to the children of the marriage which is likely to affect their ability to maintain the durability of a relationship.

According to Michael Osit, EdD, a clinical psychologist, family will be very important for your child to not see that behavior out of bounds. “They must understand that parents are able to fight but still love each other,” he said. Continue reading “9 Rules When Should Arguing in Front of Children (Part. 1)”

Kids Have Friends Fantasizing it normal?

When a child tells about her imaginary friend, what to do? Many parents consider it as a natural thing. Like the wind, slowly imaginary friend that will go out of her mind.

Tracing history in ’30an, one of nine children admitted having imaginary friends. In ’90an, the number increased, the first of three children. And now, the latest survey shows two out of three children have imaginary friends. Ha is expected because the parenting style has changed, to the children more comfortable to tell about them.

Supporting this fact, in 2004 also found that 65% of children under the age of seven years have not just one, but a lot of imaginary friends, as revealed by the University of Oregon. It is rated positively, because it indicates the child has imaginary friends it has particularly mental health.
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Recalls baby who Died, Female It Create Engineering Photos

A woman named Nerys Dafydd decorate his bedroom with pictures of his son, from infancy to adulthood. But in reality the tiny baby had died at the age of 14 months. Pictures of him growing up is engineering technology.

Nerys the day-to-day work as a secretary to do this in memory of his son who had died from heart problems since birth. “I know I’m torturing myself – see the photo of my son. But baby spent her life in an incubator and attached hose. We did not have much chance to feel the presence of him,” said Nerys wail, as reported by The Sun.

His son called Dafydd Hedd diagnosed born with three heart defects; hollow heart, aorta and clogged arteries the wrong position. Nerys given the chance to speak before the baby died, and he had said was “mamma.”

At birth, Hedd look healthy and weighs 3.2 kg. Her cheeks were rosy chubby with brown hair. But after a few hours of birth, the doctors told the shocking diagnosis earlier. “They told me that they have never found babies born with so many health problems,” he recalled.
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View Babies Breastfeeding Medium, Advertising Oreo So Controversy

Breastfeeding in public unfortunately still considered taboo by some people. Oreo ad featuring a baby being breastfed are now becoming controversial.

The ads were released by an advertising agency in South Korea, Cheil Worldwide. Ad titled ‘Basic Instinct’ is accompanied by the tagline Milk’s favorite cookie. ”

Party in charge of Oreo Kraft said that the ad was created not for publication. Advertising that is now a byword in the virtual world was created just for advertising forum.

“The ad was created by our agency for one-time use advertising forum. Never be made public or seen consumers. Ads were never published in Korea or in any market,” said Kraft spokesman.

Already leaked on the internet, bringing the Oreo ad’s comments both pro and con. Those who do not agree are unethical ads.
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This Woman Holds Birthday Party Children in Clinical Surgery

Sarah Burge, known as the ‘Human Barbie’, will hold a birthday party for her daughter at a plastic surgery clinic. Clinics that serve injecting botox to breast implants was chosen because she felt it was time the kids today opened his mind to the world of plastic surgery.

This woman had horrendous world because it gives your breast implants to her daughter’s birthday to-6. The party with the theme ‘makeover’ is good to give the ‘wow factor’ to them, ie, by spraying fake tan spray dryer to install the connection during the party.

Party held 51-year-old woman opened to the 13-year-old girl but did not rule out the possibility for those who were aged 7 years. She felt it important feast was held, to see such a huge demand for business makeover in the UK.

With a capital of 12.000 pounds (about USD 177 million), a birthday party is a party will be a model for children who menginkan same party. The party had previously been done to her daughter named Poppy, where he and his friends got a manicure, pedicure to makeover the party. They can get fake tattoos, drank fake champagne and eating cake. Continue reading “This Woman Holds Birthday Party Children in Clinical Surgery”

In a hurry, This Woman Forced Childbirth in the Taxi

The birth of a baby into a happy moment for parents, especially when he was born healthy without lacking anything. In some situations, parents will also be very grateful if you could give birth safely in the cab for instance.

British woman named Faye Branighan originally visited by his mother. But when she arrived, her husband, Stepen Axelborough worried his wife who was pregnant had been ready to give birth. He asked his wife to go to the Queen Elizabeth Hospital in Gateshead using a taxi.

Faye is still 22-year-old said: “I already know my baby come out. I could feel the head.” He also said that he had called the hospital but instead gave birth in the cab Dean Taxis.

A taxi driver, Peter Wakefield does not feel strange when you start the day, Tuesday morning. He just knows when a woman drove to her daughter’s home, all of a sudden there was a man out of the house in a panic and asked to take her to the hospital.
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How to Teach Little Calling genitals?

When your child begins to want to know about the private parts of his body, the right language to call it sometimes a problem. Some parents even use words that are funny and will not cause any more questions from the children, when in fact wrong.

The right way to teach your child about private parts and how to respond to the questions they discussed below, as summarized from Todays Parent.

Use language that is accurate
Stephanie Mitelman, a certified sexuality coach at McGill and Concordia Universities in Montreal, Canada says that children can begin to distinguish the gender and genitals at the age of about three years. “Kids this age have far more questions and imagination,” said Mitelman.

Therefore, the use of an accurate study is very important (penis and vagina), and help them identify anatomy. So kertika child feel uncomfortable there, he can tell you exactly which part of the sick, for example, swollen scrotum.
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When Children Fall & head banged

Events son fell and hit her head will be experienced most parents. According to a recent research, about 5 thousand children in the United States falls from windows each year. The study was conducted by researchers at the Center For Injury Research and Policy, The Research Institute, Columbus, Ohio, United States.

In addition to falling from a window, the other accidents that often happen is a child falling out of bed. When children experience this, of course, parents will feel panic and worried whether the incident was harmful to the child or not.

What should a parent do when a child fell and hit her head? In his book, “Healthy Children: 100 Solutions dr. Tiwi ‘, dr. Tiwi provide an explanation.

The doctor graduated from Airlangga University School of Medicine was presented after the child fell, kondisnya evaluation. Do children experience repeated vomiting, seizures, complained of headache that is getting worse or no change in behavior as well as other irregularities? If so, immediately take the child to be sent to the nearest hospital or clinic in order to receive further treatment. If there are no such signs in 2 x 24 hours, there is generally no way harm the child. Continue reading “When Children Fall & head banged”