Jennifer Lopez Care Face with Human Placenta

For a healthy and beautiful world of the celebrity willing to try a variety of bizarre treatments. As pop diva Jennifer Lopez who routinely treat her with the human placenta.

J.Lo is not only a unique treatment, several other celebrities also use these treatments in order to stay beautiful. As reported by the Daily Mail, the following seven treatments performing strange celebrity world.

Face Masks from Human Placenta
Yes, facial treatments are actually using human placenta collected from a maternity hospital in Russia. Facial massage with placenta and silenced for a moment. The benefits of this treatment can make the face shine. Jennifer Lopez is one of the celebrity fans placenta treatment. The singer was 42 years to do it twice a week and will cost £ 700 or nearly USD 10 million.

Leech Therapy
Leech therapy is a treatment to remove toxins. This treatment is favored by actress Demi Moore. He never tried this strange treatment at one spa in Austria. “You see the blood sucking leeches and they are getting fatter and fatter,” said Demi enthusiastic about her treatment.
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Post Maternity, January Jones Routine Eating placenta Alone

Surprising confession came from the stars’ Mad Men, January Jones. Beautiful actress claimed regularly eat their own placenta after the birth of his son.

January Xander gave birth to her first child in September 2011. Seven weeks after giving birth, she was 34 years went to work again, undergoing filming ‘Mad Men’.

So quickly return to work after giving birth, January had its own secret how to keep her stamina. The secret is to eat the placenta.

The placenta was consumed after he received advice from a doula who helped give birth Xander. The placenta was indeed proven effective tired while making it easy to work at the same time taking care of her newborn baby.
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How To Stay Energized & Spirit Mother to Child Mind

Normally, you sleep for eight hours a day to keep the body fresh. In fact, it does not apply after you have your baby. The body can become lethargic and dispirited because of lack of rest. While the boy, his energy seems to have no end.

Therefore, you must know how to anticipate in order to condition the body fit. As quoted from WebMD, consider the nine tips to add energy to the mothers while raising children.

1. Drinking Bottle of Water
Dehydration can affect health cause headaches, fatigue, and lack of energy. “When I feel tired, I stopped for a moment, then drink a full bottle of water,” said Tammy Gold, a psychotherapist and parenting coach, is also the mother of three daughters aged 6 years.

2. Bath
To add to the spirit, bathe or wash themselves with water to make you feel more relaxed in the midst of busy raising children. The body will be fresh and slightly relieve fatigue in mind. “Mandi will make you feel like a new person,” said Gold.

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Close to the Kids Want, It’s Still Breastfeeding Actress Up to 3 Years

How do I get close to the child’s mother? An actress who holds a PhD release a book on how to raise children to be confident, affectionate and close to her parents.

Actress Mayim Bialik is. She is well known in America through the series ‘Blossom’. Bialik is also starring in the NBC show, The Big Bang Theory.

Not long ago, Bialik who earned a PhD in neuroscience from UCLA released a parenting book. The book titled ‘The Sling: A Real-Life Guide To Raising Confident, Loving Children the Attachment Parenting Way’.

In her book, she tells the 36 year detailed how he kept feeding her 3.5 year old. According to the way it still makes the child close to her.

Not only that, Bialik and her husband, Michael Roosevelt Stone, also still sleep with their children in one room. The family put two extra mattress to sleep every night.
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