Sweet hooked Can Create Your Depression

The food has a major impact on the body and brain. Besides, the food is the best way to support one’s mental and physical health. therefore, the selection of the right food is essential.

According to the review that was launched from Mercola, eating sweet foods or drinks allegedly contribute to chronic inflammation, and can be dangerous on brain function. This opinion is supported by the results of a recent study presented in March, at the annual meeting of the American Academy of Neurology 65th in San Diego.

According to the study, people who drink sugary drinks, including soda, fruit punch, sweet tea and iced regularly, have a higher risk for developing depression than those who rarely or do not eat at all.

The study involved 264,000 people over age 50 years who were enrolled in the study for the AARP diet and health. The participants were asked about their drinking habits as part of detailed diet survey. About 10 years later they were asked whether they had been diagnosed with depression during the previous decade.
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Feng Shui for Your Home Kitchen

According to Feng Shui, the kitchen has an important role in family life that is identical to a success.

To make your kitchen according to feng shui and bring good luck, follow these tips you can apply easily.

Position the kitchen
Ideally, the position of the kitchen is behind the house. According to feng shui kitchen when the position was not right, the residents believed to get the digestive and nutritional problems. If the kitchen is in the front of the house, the family depicted only preoccupied with food and eating a lot, which is identical to the residents will be overweight. Another important thing, according to feng shui kitchen should not be near the main door cause positive energy will quickly disappear.

According to the Chinese food is wealth. It is likened to that when you get enough nutrition means it can work more effectively and successfully, so it will have an abundance of good fortune and wealth.
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Easy Ways to Increase Bone Quality in the Body

If we sort out the most important parts of our body, the bones may be one of the most important pieces to support our lives. Our ability to walk, run, and perform a variety of activities throughout our lives, must be evidence demonstrates the existence of bone.

Human bone itself has a uniqueness that is quite special. The bones in our body will keep breaking and plugged back in small amounts. At the age of 30’s man, these bones will reach the highest density that varies between individuals. At that age, the bones of our body will grow faster. But after passing age, the bones in our body will only grow more than disappear.

Due to “lose” it, no wonder we often hear complaints among the elderly who often suffer from pain in the bones. It is caused by the slow disappearance of the body to respond to the bones of old, so it is not able to build new bone rapidly. Osteoporosis is often touted as one of the causes of the pain.

There is no treatment or cure a fairly effective way to improve or cure the condition. However, there are a few tips for those who are least able to extend the life of the 206 bones in your body, as quoted from the website Time.

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Selma Blair slams People Criticizing Public Breastfeeding at Home

Not a few people who still feel uncomfortable and think mothers should not breastfeed their babies in public. For these people, Selma criticize him.

“We all have nipples. I do not care who is offended; son wanted to eat. If I can not cover (breasts), I do not care,” he said in an interview with People.

Selma said, he did not hesitate to breastfeed her child whenever and wherever. “My son cries when he’s hungry,” he said.

Commitment to give her baby breast milk that is now making movie stars ‘Hellboy’ is like giving a similar insight in the mothers. In cooperation with a non-profit organization, Get Real for Kids, Selma to educate parents about the selection of food for the children and themselves.

“Get Real for Kids was founded by my little friend, Dr. Sue. So I obviously want to get involved,” said the 39 year-old actress.
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