Do not Fully Trust in Food Labels

Are you among those who believe more food labels? You should now begin to be careful, because sometimes the food label is not entirely honest with you.

Currently, many food labels that are labeled “small” to indicate the size of the packaging for you. In general, people who are dieting will be interested and eating foods labeled ‘small’ and unconsciously they will consume more. When in fact the content of the product was ‘great’.

To ensure this, a team of researchers from the University of Michigan to label some cookies the same size with the label ‘medium’ and ‘large’ and asked some participants to eat the crackers as they please.

As a result, participants ate more biscuits labeled ‘medium’ in the absence of conscious. From these results concluded that people gullible when eating something because they have more confidence in food labels instead of what they eat.

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Environmentally Friendly Houses

Environmentally friendly home is not just a trend. Now the behaviors and attitudes of environmental friendly has become a way of life. A lot can be changed from your lifestyle to be environmentally friendly, including your home.

Balanced environment will have a positive effect on the environment and nature. By limiting the use of too much electronics will reduce the impact of global warming. Here are some tips for eco-friendly homes:

1. Add a window in your home. Many of the windows means that more light in and air will also be felt up to the house. So it does not need much light a lamp and put Ac.

2. Choose low energy electronics. Reduce energy consumption impact both for the environment than that you can be more efficient in electricity payments.
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Consumption Nutrition Enhancement Sperm Quality

Some men sometimes complained about the quality of the sperm that is less that it is difficult to meet the egg. The study, published recently in the journal Fertility and Sterility found that if men consume antioxidants, it will increase his sperm quality than those who frequently consume meat and full-fat dairy products.

Reporting from ModernMom, here are some foods rich in antioxidants and have good nutrition to improve the quality of sperm,


You probably do not think of water as a food, but it is an essential nutrient and an important factor in increasing sperm count. Adequate hydration is necessary to maintain the body’s cells still function optimally, including sperm. Therefore, drink 8-10 glasses of water every day.

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