Set Feng Shui Homes For Better Living

According to feng shui, the way you decorate your house have a major impact on many aspects of your life. If your home or your work space with a haphazard arrangement goods unbelievable fortune, health, and emotional well-being is not going well.

Here are the five feng shui tips that you can follow:

1. The rooms were messy made ​​poor energy circulation. Start tidying your home and work space by getting rid of all the furniture and files that are not useful.

2. Add plants in the area of ​​your home and work space. It is believed to launch your fortune.

3. A painting that was harvesting rice also adds a positive aura in the room. Harvest is an illustration of the symbol of prosperity.

4. Replace windows overlooking the garden, avoid the scenery outside the window is a wall, it is believed will give negative energy. However, if windows are installed like that, you should not need to open windows. Continue reading “Set Feng Shui Homes For Better Living”

Kidney Cleansing Food

Every organ in the human body has the function of each. Kidney, which has a function as a filter impurities from the blood and urine them, along with an exhaust system that is essential for the body.

You certainly have to keep the condition in order to stay healthy. The kidneys also require detoxification or cleansing can actually be obtained from certain foods. Detoxification will prevent the formation of toxins or poisons in the kidneys, which in turn lowers the risk of kidney stones.

To perform this task, your kidneys need some foods that could be as a cleaner. Below are some foods that you can consume daily, as reported by Boldsky.

Berries are very rich in antioxidants, and also has natural substances that can fight some diseases. Fruit that has a variety of colors are able to clean the uric acid and urea from the kidneys thereby making it more healthy.
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Tips Beautify Tiny Bathroom

Small bathroom can be very beautiful, as long as you know how. With a trick, your small bathroom can look beautiful.

There are a few tips to beautify your small bathroom . This is it!

Determine Themes
The first thing to ‘prettify’ any room in your home is determining the theme. The theme will obviously help you find the need for room stretcher. So it is with the bathroom. Determine the theme through colors or patterns you like.

Determine Focus
Due to the small office, bathroom could not accommodate the variety of goods. Simply specify the ornaments that the focus, for example, a wall with patterned tile or mirrors with beautiful lights.

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