Remove Sleepiness After Lunch

After a lunch break and you are done, there is usually a feeling of drowsiness, lethargy, and less eager to resume work. By doing positive things after lunch, you can return to work with enthusiasm. As reported by eadersdigest, here are the things that can raise your energy to return to work after lunch.

Drinking a cup of tea

To avoid sluggish after lunch, drink a cup of black tea or green tea to get their caffeine intake to levels low enough, so it does not keep you awake until late at night. Caffeine in tea make you get peace for a few minutes and drove sleepiness that usually attack when returning to work after lunch.

Get up from your desk for a moment to brew your own tea in the pantry and drinking tea while sitting in front of the office window that leads to the scenery outside.

Cleaning workbench
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Slimming drugs – Sweet Starfruit (carambola Averhoa)

If some plants on top, good fruit, leaves and rhizomes are less delicious for consumption, in contrast with the sweet star fruit. This delicious fruit that also can be used as a laxative fat in the body. In Minangkabau, the name of this fruit is dibalimbing Manih; in Sundanese called balimbing fishy, ​​whereas in Central Java named Blimbing legi.

As a natural degreasers, turns sweet star fruit also has other benefits, such as rust remover can be used on metal, because the juice from the leaves and stems contain oxalic acid starfruit. Chemical content in it include glucose, protein, iron, calcium, phosphorus, vitamin A, B, and C. The content can lower blood cholesterol levels in humans.

Almost the same with other crops that could potentially reduce levels koletserol, the active compounds in Blimbing can increase metabolism. This helps the fat burning process. Certainly was increasingly reduced body fat, so the body could be slim.

We know that fat soluble in blood plasma. Proteins results in the activation of the enzyme fatty star fruit can unite with blood, so there is no chance for the fat to coagulate and settle.

Slimming drugs – Plants Kemuning (Murraya paniculata)

Yellow plant usually grows wild around the bush. But who thinks, a plant that grows potluck has remarkable properties, as degrading fat, lowering cholesterol levels, and body slimming.

This plant has several other names according to the region where he grew up, for the Minangkabau region, the plant is named after the kemunieng; plants in Java is called Kamuning, while in Nusa Tenggara named kemuni, as well as in Manado named Kamuning.

Yellow plant was originally a small tree that grows wider. If left unchecked, the yellow can grow up to eight feet tall. This time as a wild plant, yellow is also planted by the community as a medicinal plant and ornamental plant. Yellow plants, including plants that grow in the lowlands, because it is only able to grow in the region with a maximum altitude of 400 meters above sea level.

Yellow plants contain a variety of chemical compounds, including volatile active compounds, resins, glycosides, and meransin. For the leaves, the chemical substances are tannins, flavonoids, steroids, and alkaloids, substances are known to potentially as lowering blood cholesterol levels.

Medicinal plants that we have mentioned above, a number of alternative options for you to reduce levels of fat, cholesterol, and as a natural slimming medicine. Prospects and opportunities of various plants in the nutrient intake to be very large, especially in the pharmaceutical and medicine.

But keep in mind, use of slimming drugs alone are not enough to lose weight. Also need to exercise and adequate rest to maintain body condition. In addition we need to maintain a diet with adequate nutrition and balanced. Expand to eat vegetables and fruit, drink water, and reduce instant foods. With this you are not only slimmer, but also keep you fit and healthy. May be useful.

Slimming drugs – Asam Jawa (Tamarindus indica)

You must be familiar with this one plant. Asam Jawa, almost always there in our kitchen. Besides used as spices, tamarind plant can also be a medicinal plant.

For those of you who are outside of Java, this plant has other names, including me tub in Aceh Gayo acamlagi designation for the area; tamarind, sour wood, cumalagi called in the Minangkabau region; desist tamarind Sundanese word; Acem designation in Madura Island ; this plant in Borneo also called tamarind; referred to in Gorontalo Gorontalo Asang ox; being named by Camba Makassar Makassar, and Bugis people knew him by name Cempa.

Tamarind leaf plants able to be used as cholesterol-lowering drugs, because it contains saponins, flavonoids, and tannins. It has been found previously that the active compounds flavonoids and tannins also can improve the body’s ability to degrade fat. This process begins with an increase in the body’s metabolism that can burn fat.

Decay process fat or cholesterol by flavonoids and tannins catalyzed by the enzyme lipase. Extract taken from tamarind can be an activator of enzymes. The enzyme is able to degrade fat, so that activators can also be referred to as a natural slimming.

Slimming Drugs from Plants Bangle (Zingiber cassumunar)

Why bangle plants can be put into the category of medicinal plants slimming? Because these plants contain chemicals that degrade complete as fat. Among these are alkaloids, flavonoids, essential oils, saponins, starch, tannins, steroids / triterpenoids, cineol and pinene.

Aside from being degrading fat, this bangle plant also has other benefits, namely a weak heart drug, headache, rheumatism, cough with phlegm, jaundice, intestinal worms, laxative, fever, abdominal pain healers and herb women after childbirth.

Plants bangle able to increase the activity of fat degradation. This activity promoted olehenzim lipase. Plants bangle able to activate the enzyme lipase, thus referred to as a laxative plant fat or slimming drug. To extract flavonoids from plants bangle, then 80% methanol used to dissolve the compounds involved in rhizome bangle.

Slimming drugs of Dutch Teak Leaves (Guazuma ulmifolia)

Dutch teak leaves can reduce the levels of fat and cholesterol in the blood. Dutch teak leaf is a natural slimming remarkable because it contains alkaloids, flavonoids, saponins, tannins, lendiri, carotenoids, phenolic acids, and resin.

Tannin for example, has the function of a protein precipitate mucosal surfaces, especially around the small intestine. This helps reduce the absorption of food. This proves that the process can be minimized excessive obesity.

There are several scientific studies that prove the reliability of plant leaves Dutch identity as a slimming drug. In an experiment that gives Dutch teak leaf extract with a concentration of 15 to 30 per cent of the rabbits, capable of lowering cholesterol.

Dutch teak leaves are boiled to increase the concentration of fatty acids with the aid of lipase enzymes in the human body. This study revealed by Iswantini in 2003, which states that the Dutch identity leaves extracted in chloroform can improve the ability of the enzyme lipase to increase fatty acid levels.

In other research, Dutch teak leaf water extract can lower blood cholesterol in mice by 31.51 per cent, because it contains tannins.

Dutch teak leaves hidrolisasi able mengatalisasis triglycerides in food that has entered the intestine into long-chain fatty acids. This makes the absorption of fat stunted and wasted the more fat in the feces.

Dutch teak leaf combined with plant rhizome bangle, will prove to optimize the inhibition of fat absorption and increase fat degradation processes in the human body. This is scientific proof that the Dutch identity leaves can be used as a slimming drug.

Ideal with Natural Slimming Drugs

Less confident with the body shape looks a bit fat? Want to get the ideal body shape? ‘ve Tried many slimming drugs but not getting results? Better start now you try natural slimming drug.

New research proves, that at this time the public is more inclined to go back to nature, back to nature, as most people now know that natural medicine minimal side effects and rich benefits.

There are several natural slimming drugs that can be used as an alternative nutritional intake the body, thus being ideal weight and not obese. Natural ingredients are able to degrade fats and minimize the formation of cholesterol. A number of natural ingredients that serve as slimming and lowering fat levels are as follows.

Net-Net Home

Weekend lazy everywhere? Clean the house could be your weekend activities. House can look more beautiful.

First plan when you start to clean the whole room. A neat plan will make your work easier. Do not forget to invite the whole family to participate. The house is clean, your relationships and family even closer.

Here are some tips that can help you clean the house.

1. To cleanse the palate on the shelf, use a ladder or chair for ease of reach dirt. Use spray cleaner or vinegar can also mix it with water to remove the smell of insects.

2. Clean the carpet with a vacuum cleaner. Should the carpet dried or washed at least once every two months in order not to be a nest of germs and fungi. When CARPET roll, roll carpet with the carpet surface on the inside of the fold, this prevents dust from sticking to the sides of the bottom side on the carpet.

3. Sweep and mop under-under the table to clean. When should immediately swept under the dustpan so the dust does not spread throughout the room.
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Not All Drugs Have Benefits that It works

Disease affecting the human body can be cured with medication. Even dangerous and deadly diseases such as AIDS, cancer, and malaria had already found a cure. However, not all drugs can give results as expected.

Drugs are often still regarded as a way of eliminating the disease, which is really just to relieve disease. Not to downplay the function of the drug that has been produced by medical science, but there are some drugs that are not proven to be effective. As reported by Live Science, here are six drug.

Drugs to make so much smarter

In a fictional film made by Hollywood entitled ‘Limitless’, told of a man taking drugs to boost brain power and become a genius. Unfortunately, science has not discovered how to increase brain power like that.

Several experiments have been performed using the drug to treat attention deficit disorder or ADHD such as Ritalin and Adderall. However, these drugs have side effects on the heart and cause addiction, and not proven to increase brainpower.
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Feng Shui For Bathroom

According to feng shui, the element of water associated with wealth. Since most of the elements is water in the bathroom, the room has a powerful effect on your wealth.

To provide positive energy in your bathroom, follow these tips:

1. Lighting: bathroom light will create positive energy. If your bathroom is not too bright, you should add lights to illuminate it.

2. Green Plants: Adding greenery in the shower is a way to minimize the negative energy. Bamboo is a good choice for plants with positive elements. According to feng shui bamboo oriented money. Put plants
which can be reflected by a mirror, it is believed to double your fortune.

3. Hide door: Put a mirror outside the bathroom door to hide the door, but it is also useful mirror to expand the room beyond the door.
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