Children and Schools International, Important Or Not ?

More and more schools branded itself as an international school. Not just for elementary school children only, international school for ages preschool mushroom. Actually, whether or not to send their children in international schools? What is so special with the international label?

Wolipop talking with school founder Ancestor Najelaa Shihab to discuss this international school. Ancestor school itself received international accreditation from the International Baccalaureate Organization IBO.

What is an international school? “Teaching international minded, shape a child with a global mindset and understanding. Has an understanding that what happens here affects the world in general and what is happening in the world in general have an effect on us as individuals,” said Najelaa when talking with wolipop in Four Seasons Hotel, Kuningan, Jakarta, Thursday (10/05/2012).

Najelaa said the school is not the only international school teaching-learning process with English or other international languages. Schools with more international labels to how to view and thought the school.
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4 Most Important Factors When Choosing a Preschool for Children

Insert child to preschool is one way to provide stimulus knowledge, emotional and social interaction appropriate age. However, according to founder and Principal Ancestor Najelaa Shihab, not all preschool can provide good stimulation for each child. Plus, many parents choose preschool for the wrong reasons.

“Sometimes parents chose the school because it was close to home, he said that the building is good or cool. Was the wrong reasons,” said a woman who is interested in education as a teenager is.

For that, according to the woman who was familiarly called Elaa this, parents must be careful to choose the right preschool for their child. Elaa wolipop encountered at the Four Seasons Hotel, Jakarta, Thursday (10/05/2012) also outlines what the important factors that must be considered when choosing a preschool.

1. Schools
The most important thing to ask is, what is the purpose of the preschool? Is it in line with the expectations and desires of the parents? To find out, you have to discuss and ask the principal what the purpose of school for students? Would be like what the child entered the pre-school? Continue reading “4 Most Important Factors When Choosing a Preschool for Children”

Log in Preschool Children Before, Toilet Training to First

Not all children can instantly adapt and ‘at home’ when entering preschool for the first time. There are several types of children who are shy or fearful when faced with unfamiliar people.

To ease your child through the first days of school, parents should do some preparation. What are the preparations?

1. Visit Before the First Day of School Sign
Children should be familiar with the school situation. Coming in the first day of school with a confused state, will not help. Shihab Najelaa education practitioners suggest, the child must come first to the school a few days or weeks before the first day of school. Take him around to see the classroom, interacting with teachers, watching other children’s activities and how they behave in school. This visit can be done several times, depending on needs.

“The first impression for the children is very important. Nonetheless child come prepared aka very different adaptation processes with no preparation. Son needs some time to come to know the school, know the location, know the teachers,” said she graduated from the University of Indonesia psychology This, when talking with wolipop at the Four Seasons Hotel, Kuningan, Jakarta, Thursday (05/10/2012). Continue reading “Log in Preschool Children Before, Toilet Training to First”

Storytelling Tips that Do not Make Little Bored

Fairytale world is a world of wonderful children. With storytelling will improve communication and emotional closeness between mother or father with his son. Unfortunately, today’s parents are too busy with his business that had no time for storytelling.

If there is time to tell stories, some parents are sometimes confused what stories would they dongengkan in the small. Though the activities of storytelling is not just a story about princesses, princes and fairies only. Surrounding environment can also be a matter of interesting stories to children. Met at Hong Kong Cafe, Jl. Thamrin, Central Jakarta recently, Layman Prakoso, a storyteller and founder Kampoeng Tale in the Ciputat share some tips on how engrossing storytelling in children following:

1. Find child care in order to focus. Do not forget to choose the place and time. You can not force the children’s attention as he was busy with his toys or television. Offer snacks or doing activities together, such as “yuk helped you find books your mother”. Show your enthusiasm, so that children also spirit.

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How to Handle a Difficult Child Eating

Parents often face problems because their children are difficult to eat. To make your child want to eat it needs its own tricks. Here are some ways to encourage and develop healthy eating habits in children, as reported by the Parents Zone.

1. Creating a Good Atmosphere Eating
When your child does not want to eat his food until they run out or did not even touch his food, should not be forced, because the more you force the child eating problem worse. You can turn mealtime more enjoyable by taking her making meals together, experimenting with new recipes or can also decorate the food he did not like such as vegetables become more attractive.

2. Consult a Doctor
If your appetite is the main problem of poor eating habits for children, you can ask your pediatrician or nutritionist. Usually the doctor will give specific vitamin or milk may increase a child’s appetite.
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Do & Don’s When Storytelling for the Grassroots

Telling children a story for some parents, it’s not as easy as imagined. There are several things that must be taken to ensure that such activities can provide the maximum benefit. What is it?

Child psychologist and lecturer at Maranatha Christian University, Bandung, Efnie Indrianie, M.Psi, explaining the wolipop what to consider when telling stories to your child:

1. Most children do not like to give instructions or orders. Especially if the mother or father was too tired after work, so it tends to get angry. Children who are too set usually even more rebellious. Through tales, unconsciously, we provide instruction for children to do something. We urge children through stories that are inspiring. This is the best way to stimulate the children have a lot of positive inspiration.

2. Children should be in a state of happy when you tell the tale. If someone is happy brain waves will come down to Alfa. While the child is under stress konsidisi, the average brain wave reached the Beta level. The brain’s ability to absorb information in the story is not as Alfa Beta level. You do not need specific therapy to the brain, just a happy day-to-day situations at home will make them smart.
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If it normal Toddlers are fond of eating?

Business meals is a challenge for the child’s mother in the face, especially at the age of five. In these times, the child begins to shut the movement staged aka not fond of eating. Is this normal?

Melaney Shay, a dietitian memapaparkan on babycenter website, if your child is difficult to eat, as long as he is growing normally, she does not worry too much. It is quite common in children under five is trouble sitting still to eat, eat irregularly and very choosy food.

You might be tempted to try to force your child to eat more, still there is even more pressure, the more he fought, and the less he will eat. Shay suggested, should, have to offer your child a healthy diet, they demonstrated to you eat it, and then let the child choose where he wants to eat and how much amount.

A study from the American Dietetic Association shows that nearly all children will eat enough to meet their nutritional needs when they have access to different kinds of food, even in those who are assessed as a ‘picky eater’.
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It’s the hair, little girl is Prohibited Follow Yearbook Photos

Pictures with friends in the yearbook so moment eagerly awaited by the students. So is this British girl. But sadly, he was barred because of pictured her hair styled like a ribbon.

Marcella Marino, that’s the name of the little girl. Not long ago, Marcella arrived at the school in Ramsgate, Kent, England to shoot yearbook with other pupils.

She had a beautiful dress for the photo shoot. The father, who was a hairdresser Marcello Marino, her hair long and blonde to form ribbons.

Marcella astonishment, when he arrived photocall apparently barred. The reason the school, her hair is too flashy and does not fit with the dress code.

Upon learning the school treated her daughter, Marcello was deeply shocked. Marcello’s Hair Salon owner said he just set her hair to make it look elegant. Continue reading “It’s the hair, little girl is Prohibited Follow Yearbook Photos”

Play Videogames Can Make Childhood Nightmares

Play video games not only have a negative impact on children’s mental health. These activities can also cause children especially those under five, had a bad dream.

As quoted by Female First, from Time 4 Sleep study found that children under six years old who often use the computer or game console before bedtime risk of experiencing nightmares. While these activities are rarely made to feel less risky nightmare.

The findings are based on research conducted by the manufacturer of the bed, involving more than 1,000 respondents in the UK. Time 4 Sleep Research also saw the connection between playing computer or console games before bed with anxiety in the classroom. According to the survey, 33% of children who always use a computer at school so nervous.

Time 4 Sleep Research also found that 60% of children aged under 10 years who consumed caffeine in the evening, a great risk of bedwetting during sleep. Only 25% of children who consume caffeine but do not wet the bed at night. Continue reading “Play Videogames Can Make Childhood Nightmares”